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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Are you kidding?

Over the last two Yankees broadcasts an incredible story has been woven.

Apparently, according to Yankees play-by-play man Michael Kay, outfielder Brett Gardner visited a children's hospital yesterday, where he met a young girl who was battling heart problems. The girl asked Gardner if he would hit a home run for her in last night's game. He agreed, but only if she promised to keep battling for him and try to get better.

Well, last night Gardner held up his end of the bargain, notching a inside-the-park home run against Minnesota.

Sounds awesome, right? Right out of a fairytale, yeah?

Wait, it gets better.

The girl, who had waited 107 days (again, numbers according to Kay) for a heart transplant, found her donor this morning and is undergoing transplant surgery as we speak.

In a game caught in the grip of an ever-widening steroid net, you won't find a better story.


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