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Friday, October 23, 2009

So, I was wrong

After writing the other day about how good the Yankees' bullpen is, it has promptly imploded -- save for Mariano Rivera. Not one of the New York non-Rivera relievers inspires confidence -- not Joba, not Hughes, not Marte, not Coke, not Aceves, not Robertson and not Gaudin. It's pretty amazing that the Yankees' pen has gone to pieces, while the Phillies' pen has looked much, much better of late.

Thinking about it, it seems possible that, because they're so young, the Yankees' relievers may be going through a case of very ill-timed burnout.

Take Phil Hughes, for example.

By my count, Hughes has thrown 108 innings (counting playoffs) this season, his first as a reliever. The total is his highest since 2007, when he threw 110 1/3 between the majors and the minors. Additionally, it's the first season in which he's been regularly used on back-to-back days, which almost certainly added new stress to the 23-year-old's arm. More than likely, that has played a big factor in his postseason struggles.


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