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Friday, December 10, 2010

Top 10 Numbers of the Year - No. 6

Each Friday, Minor Matters will publish the Top Ten numbers from the season. These can be stats, players' numbers, whatever. As long as it's a number, it counts. The Thunder were just two wins from the Eastern League championship, so there's no shortage of material for this section.

No. 6 ...

What it means: The number of games of David Adams played before breaking his foot and spraining his ankle, costing him the rest of the season, and possibly keeping Cliff Lee from the Yankees.

Why it's significant: Before the injury, Adams, a second baseman, was easily the team's MVP. Even when Austin Romine and Brandon Laird hadn't started cooking yet, Adams was scalding the ball. He was hitting .309/.393/.900 before he got hurt, including three longballs and 31 RBIs. He also had 15 doubles and three triples. In short, he was carrying the team's offense through the season's cold months.

What Else It Could Mean:
Thirty-nine just doesn't appear that much in this season's stats. In addition Adams' games played, it is also: Adam Olbrychowski's jersey number, and the amount of triples the team legged out in 2010.

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