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Friday, January 7, 2011

Top 10 Numbers of the Year - No. 2

Each Friday, Minor Matters will publish the Top Ten numbers from the season. These can be stats, players' numbers, whatever. As long as it's a number, it counts. The Thunder were just two wins from the Eastern League championship, so there's no shortage of material for this section.

No. 2 ...

What it means:
Yes, it's the loneliest number, but it's also the total number of runs the Thunder allowed against the New Hampshire Fisher Cats in their sweep through the Eastern League Division Series.

Why it's significant: The Fisher Cats were, without question, the Thunder's biggest nemesis in the regular season. They scored 120 runs against Trenton, including 19 home runs. Three Trenton pitchers -- D.J. Mitchell, Lance Pendleton and Wilkins Arias -- allowed more than 10 runs against them. Holding them to just one run over 30 innings, then, was nothing short of a monumental feat.

What Else It Could Mean:
Lots of things, frankly, including: Jorge Vazquez's walk total, Jose Gil's triples, Kevin Mahoney's doubles or RBI totals, Jack Rye's triples or home runs, Taylor Grote's at-bats, Lance Berkman's runs scored, Hector Noesi's shutouts, Tim Norton's saves, and Manny Banuelos' losses.

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