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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Minor League lineups for March 20

The Yankees' minor leaguers are squaring off against the Blue Jays' minor leaguers today. The upper levels are playing in Tampa, and the lower levels are heading to Dunedin. Here's how each level will line up.

Krum  - DH
Kruml - CF
Russo - 2B 
Brewer - RF
Pena - DH
Mack - LF
Mahoney - 1B
Stevenson - 3B
McCoy - C

Romanski - P (1-2)
Nuno - P (3-4)
Gil - P (5-6)
Flannery - P (7-8)
Hinojosa  - P (9)
Arrebato - Backup

Notes: Corban Joseph will enter the game at third base in the seventh inning, at which point Stevenson will move to first base. Kevin Mahoney will move to left field at that point. Dan Brewer will become a DH in the sixth. Pena will take Brewer's spot in right, and Mack will move to center field. 

A. Almonte - CF
Mustelier - DH
Adams - 2B
Higashioka - C
Johnson - LF
Mattingly - DH
Brown - RF
Ibarra - SS
Lassiter - 3B
Taveras - 1B

Perez - P (1-2)
Rodriguez - P (3-4)
Allen - P (5-6)
Varce - P (7-8)
Castillo - P (9)
Black - Backup

Notes: Mustelier will move to third base in the seventh inning. Mitch Abeita will take his spot at DH. Also in the seventh inning, Exicardo Cayones will move to center field. From the eighth inning on, Jeff Farnham will catch, Jose Pirela will play second, and Jose Rosario will play shortstop. 

Williams - DH
Flores - LF
Calderon - RF
Valera - 1B
Sanchez - C
Sosa - CF
Mojica - SS
Anderson - 2B
Kuo - 3B
Blaser - C

O'Brien - P (1-2)
Reyes - P (3-4)
Hebert - P (5-6)
Acevedo - P (7-8)
Paullus - P (9)
Brebbia - Backup

Notes: In the sixth inning, Valera will move to catcher, Kyle Roller will step in at first, Zach Wilson will come in to play third, Kuo will move to second, and David Remedios will assume a DH's role. In the seventh inning, Williams will move to center field, Sosa will shift to DH, and Justin James will slide into right field. 

Feliz - SS
Gumbs - 2B
Bird - 1B
Bichette - 3B
Nunez - DH
DeLeon - RF
Duran - DH
Arcia - C
Lopez - LF
Cave - CF

Oliver - P (1-2)
Morton - P (3-4)
DeLuca - P (5-6)
Vinas - P (7-8)
Martinez - P (9)
Isabel - Backup 

Notes: In the seventh, Eduardo de Oleo will come in at catcher, Wes Wilson will head to left field, and Ben Gamel will play right field. Lopez will slide to center, Duran will move to first, and Bird will take on DHing duties. 


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