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Sunday, June 17, 2012

State of the System - Tampa


Prospect 1:  Mark Montgomery, RP – 4-1, 1.19 ERA, 30 1/3 IP, 48 SO, 9 BB

One of the system’s fastest movers, Montgomery, a 2011 draftee out of Longwood University, started last year with a bang when he fanned five hitters in an inning in his debut with Low-A Charleston. Over his 57-inning pro career, he’s allowed just 10 extra-base hits, none of which were home runs.

He throws a fastball in the low to mid-90s, coupled with what many view as the best slider in the system. He also has been working on incorporating a change-up into his arsenal.

Scout’s View: “I have him as an up and down guy. I think he’ll pitch in the big leagues, but I’m really concerned about the effort in his delivery. He’s got a big head-jerk at the finish of it. I know people have been comparing him to Robertson, but I just don’t see the secondary stuff. He’s got a power arm – his fastball gets a little bit straight – and his command his below average. The slider will flash fringe-average, but I didn’t see anything to make me think it was an average pitch.

“This is one where you really have to dig down deep and say ‘What do we have here?’ It’s a 5-11 righty who doesn’t have a great frame (and) the fastball’s pretty straight. I think he’s got enough stuff to eventually get a look at the big leagues, but I don’t think it sticks.”

Scout’s View 2: “He’s got a very, very good slider. He’s got a major league slider now. It’s just about him harnessing command and control. He’s going to pitch in the big leagues, and I think he’s going to turn around his command and control. Joba had more repertoire and he threw pretty hard but, slider to slider, they’re probably pretty similar.

Scout's View 3: "Nothing special. Average fastball, below-average command. Decent slider if delivery is in sync. He competes. Probably a middle relief-type guy if he makes it. 

Prospect 2: Rob Segedin, OF - .282/.348/.441, 18 doubles, 6 home runs, 31 RBIs

A New Jersey native and the Yankees’ third-round selection in 2010, Segedin has put together a first half this season that earned him one of Tampa’s three berths in the Florida State League All-Star game. And although he didn’t get any playing time, he was sent to Trenton toward the end of his first season to help quell a boatload of injuries. In a few days, there’s a good chance he’ll find himself in Double-A again.

Scout’s View: “He’s a Double-A guy for me. He’s got a ton of holes (in his swing), he’s a below-average defender, he’s got some sweepiness to his swing. He hits the ball hard when he makes contact (but) there’s too many holes for me to get excited about him.

Scout’s View 2: “I was more lukewarm on him, and I know he’s having a good year for them. Just from a tools standpoint, not a lot jumps out at me. He’s good player, knows how to play but doesn’t wow you with a lot of tools – just a good baseball player.”

Scout’s View 3: To me, he’s more of a strength guy than a quickness guy. He can overpower a ball. … He’s made some strides and he’s played well in right field.”

Prospect 3: Shane Greene, SP -- 1-2, 4.15 ERA, 47 2/3 innings, 42 SO, 24 BB

When I was doing my calls for this piece, Greene is the name that surprised me the most. Everyone I spoke to about Tampa brought him up, and the numbers weren't bearing it out. He was so out of whack this year that the Yankees sent him back to Extended Spring Training for a time. He's been dynamite since he's come back, and could see Trenton at some point toward the end of the season. 

Scout’s View: “The kid Greene has good stuff, but he’s another guy who doesn’t command it well at this point. But man, the stuff’s so nice. You really look at the stuff and say, ‘Wow, he can get ML outs with that.’ I’ve got him as a bullpen arm, too.

Scout’s View: “I think there’s upside with him. He has a slider with late action to it. He gets where he’s just trying to power the pitch, essentially just trying to pull it through the zone instead of just allowing it to work. He’s got good velocity, I think it’s like 84 to 86, up to 87. If he can just allow it to work, the arm’s good enough. He doesn’t have to do anything extra with it. If he can just allow the arm to work and let the mechanics work, that’s going to be a pretty good pitch for him down the road.”

Prospect 4: J.R. Murphy, C/3B/OF - .241/.308/.329, 8 doubles, 3 home runs, 13 RBIs

With promotion season coming up in the organization, I thought for sure that Murphy would play his way into a spot with Trenton. It still may happen if the Yankees choose to bump Gary Sanchez to Tampa, but it won't be because of anything he's done to earn it statistically. 

Scout’s View: “He’s struggled at the plate. Last I looked, I think he was hitting .205 or .210, something like that. It may take him a full year at Tampa to get used to that caliber of pitching.

Scout's View 2: “I like Murphy. I definitely think Murphy has some upside. The jury’s still out behind the plate, but he does have some athleticism behind the plate. He can throw. He has some tools to play there, I think it’s just more game management, and that’s going to come with time and repetition.

“I do like him offensively. I think he has a chance to hit. He’s a bit of a pull guy presently, but I think the bat is going to be more than serviceable at the big-league level. … He’s got to stay behind the plate, for me, to have legitimate value.”

Prospect 5: Branden Pinder, RP -- 1-4, 4.04 ERA, 35 2/3 IP, 23 SO, 12 BB

Another one of the Yankees' big-armed relievers lurking in the minors, Pinder features a fastball and a slider. The organization thought enough of him to skip him over Charleston entirely and send him directly to High-A Tampa. 

Scout’s View: “Maybe the best arm down there. His (situation) is about command and control, moreso than Montgomery.”

Scout’s View:  “I think he has some upside as well. He has a big arm as well. He was 90 to 94. 
Scout’s View: That’s another power arm. I have him as an up-and-down guy.

Prospect 6: Ramon Flores, OF – .272/.331/.358, 14 doubles, 2 home runs, 15 RBIs

An undersized outfielder, Flores' calling card has long been his plate discipline and hit tool. He started extremely slowly this year and has had to work his way back to respectable numbers. 

Scout’s View: “He can really swing the bat. I definitely think he has some upside. I was very pleased to see him in center field. I like the bat, and I definitely think he’s going to have some value there as well.”


Blogger Peter Lacock said...

So basically, they all need a lot of work (normal for A ball), keep an eye on Greene.

June 18, 2012 at 6:19 PM 
Blogger Nick said...

great read

June 18, 2012 at 11:15 PM 
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