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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hello from Binghamton

As I reported last night, outfielders Tyler Austin and Ramon Flores, starting pitchers Zach Nuding and Nik Turley, and relievers Tom Kahnle and Branden Pinder, are on their way to Trenton. 

In a little bit of a surprise, however, only Austin, Kahnle and Pinder have been activated thus far. My sources, however, have indicated that Flores, Nuding and Turley are indeed en route. I expect to see them when the Thunder arrive at NYSEG Stadium in a few hours. 

By no means is it guaranteed to stick this way, but if they were to stick on regular rest, Turley would be on line to start tomorrow in the regular-season finale against Binghamton, and Nuding would be on track to start Game 1 of the Eastern League Division Series. 

Reading has topped Portland today, and New Britain is far in front of New Hampshire. That means  the opponent for Trenton still isn't decided, and might not be until Tuesday. If the Rock Cats and R-Phils end the season tied, there will be a one-game playoff at Reading for the wild card.

The Thunder are trickling in now, and I'll have interviews with as many of the guys as I can nab in my allotted media time before the game.

Edit - 6:09: Because of chapel/late arrival, players weren't available pregame. Talked with Tony Franklin a little bit. I'll spare you the direct quotes, but the moves that will be made to get Flores, Nuding and Turley on the roster will be made after tonight's game.

Asked for the roles of Nuding and Turley going forth, Franklin was non-commital: 

"Right now, relievers. There are guys in our rotation right now. We still have Marshall here. We've got Shaeffer Hall here, and Nuno's still here. Heyer started last night's game and Mikey's still here. We've got all five starters here, so right now the two new guys who are going on the roster tonight are going to be in the bullpen."

Howevahhhhh ... there's a chance the Thunder lose starters after tonight's game:

"If we don't lose any starters (then the moves after tonight will be relievers), but if we do lose starters, then a couple of those new guys who have come could be a starter. That's a possibility. There's nothing official about it, so until I hear something official about where they're going to pitch, we just have to kind of assume that they're going to be relievers."

On how gratifying last night's division clincher was:

"I can't put it into words. It's more aggravating coming down the stretch then anything else, knowing you need one or two games to clinch it. And when you don't get it, night by night, it becomes more aggravating because you know it's there for the taking. It becomes a little aggravating sometimes, but once it's done there's a sense of relief."


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