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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Non-Youkxeira bits from Cashman

How pleasantly surprised are you with the way David Adams has performed this year, given what he went through this spring with the release and re-signing?

I'm not surprised, because I know what type of player he is when he's healthy. Pleasantly surprised because he just hasn't been healthy for us to be able to run him out there. He never had any spring training with the major league side. I assigned him over to minor league camp eventually -- while he was still hurt -- because we just couldn't get him off the mark. Obviously we needed the roster spot, and so he got released. He got healthy during that time frame, and he's come up and done a fantastic job, along with a lot of other people. 

So it's nice to grow our depth and have him return to the fold because he's kind of the prodigal son that's returned, because he's been out with the injury so long. We love welcoming him back into the picture here because, again, he's got great make-up. He's a true baseball player, and he's got great make-up to show. He's got great ability, it's just physically he hasn't been able to show anything here since that injury a number of years ago.

How well do you think he handled the whole process of being released. How hard did he take it, and did you think it was a certainty he was going to come back?

I couldn't say about any certainties because, again, he's gone through a lot. He's a pro, so every experience I've had with David Adams has been at the highest level of professionalism. He's just a straight-and-narrow, whatever the circumstances are, he's worked through them to his benefit. Now that he's still ours, it's to our benefit, too. 

Any update on Cervelli or Pineda?

I don't have anything on Cervelli. He's not a player yet. In terms of just doing some functional stuff, he's just been doing the physical hand therapy with the physical therapist. 

Our plan on Michael -- he's been doing real well in extended spring, and yesterday was supposed to be his final outing where he was supposed to get up to close to 75 pitches and then we were going to start a rehab clock on him. He was cutting his fingernails apparently before the game, and he cut one too close. He cracked the nail and he was bleeding on it. I won't say it was affecting his pitching, but he was bleeding and it was an issue. 

So they played it smart, our staff did -- Greg Pavlick and Tim Lentych -- by pulling the plug on him after three innings and 45 pitches. I think he was gettting some blood on the ball and stuff like that. ... So we'll continue to do probably extended spring a little bit longer until that resolves so it's not something that's lingering. Our intention is to get him up to 75 pitches in that situation and then release him into the wild. 

We'll do a 30-day rehab program, and then we'll return him to the major leagues or the minor leagues, whatever the circumstances dictate at the time. His rehab's gone extremely well, and it's a minor issue, but you know how nails are touch and feel and everything else. It's just smart given the shoulder issues to back off. He'll pitch in five days, maybe pitch in six days, seven days, whatever they think is right. 

Any updates on Jeter or Granderson?

Granderson actually had a surgery this morning that was a recommendation. It's not going to change his rehab protocols or his time frame of being down, but the recommendation was to put a pin in that knuckle, that it would be a better circumstance for healing purposes.


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