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Friday, April 18, 2014

GAME 15: Thunder (8-6) vs. Erie SeaWolves (5-7)

Tony Franklin on Diego Moreno:

 Is he your closer?

No, its not safe to say that. It’s safe to say we have guys who can pitch multiple innings, but it just seems like he’s been the guy in there for the ninth inning. You can assume what you want. We’ve got guys down there that are capable of doing it. Now, I don’t want to sound stupid about this. He’s been very effective in that roll, and we’ll probably go to him, but we’ve got a lot of guys down there you might see in the ninth simply because they need to throw multiple innings. We don’t have a designated closer or a designated long guy or whatever. We have pitchers down there we think can get the job done at the end of the game.

What has made him so effective?

Great changeup, can’t you see it? You know its coming, and you still can’t lay off of it. He has great arm speed with it. If you go up there and sit on it, I still don’t know if you are going to be able to hit it. He throws strikes, attacks the zone to get ahead of hitters, and he uses that changeup effectively. 

Comparable to Edwar Ramirez?

It’s comparable. Edwar got to the big leagues throwing it. Trevor Hoffman had a pretty good career throwing it. It’s a heck of a pitch, and he utilizes it well, controls it well, commands it well. It’s a good pitch for him.


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