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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Brian Cashman 8/18

 On Luis Severino:
He’s got a big arm and a real special change up that’s impressive, especially at that age of 20.

On Jacob Lindgren:
As advertised. Ground balls and strikeouts.

On Nick Goody/Danny Burawa:
They have good arms. You want to get a collection of guys, as many as you can, with some power. Goody is coming back from his injury a year ago, and was putting up some serious numbers in Tampa. He’s working his way back and has a good arm, so we have some hope for him. Burawa has a big arm and a wipeout slider, so its just about commanding it. We’ve seen that before with a guy like Dellin Betances. It’s trying to harness that physicality and channel it, and we are hoping that down the line all those pieces fall into place eventually. You keep coaching it and playing it, and in some of the cases it clicks in. When it does, its real special.

On bullpen being a strength of the system:
We’ve got some arms, no doubt about it. We had Webb here, and now he’s at Triple-A. Rumbelow is at Triple-A. These guys are pretty interesting characters in themselves, and we have some guys who could be moving up to Triple-A soon enough. I think a lot of the guys that you are seeing that have been here or are currently here, you have a chance to see as early as next year, and in some cases you can never rule anything out. We do have some left and right side arms that get asked a lot about, and that I’d certainly ask about a lot. I came down here to see some of those guys a lot.

On Thunder position players:
I think there are a number of them that stand out. We have a lot of guys here that have some ability. I think there are a number of players on this roster that will play in the big leagues, not just on the pitching side but on the position player side too.

On Mark Montgomery:
He used to have much bigger velocity, and now its settling at a lower level. He still has the performance behind it, its just not the power stuff it was before. He’s still someone that’s on our radar.

On Mason Williams:
He’s obviously still fighting through his year offensively. On the defensive side he’s pretty special, but I know that there is a lot of plus developments in his game at the same time. I met with Tony before the game and got the rundown, and he’s certainly growing in the right direction, from what I’ve been told. He’s got a lot of athletic ability. Kind of like how we talked about Danny Burawa earlier. Hes got some physical tools that are above and beyond some other peoples’, so you are going to keep playing it out there until it all clicks in. When it does, it doesn’t garuntee it will eventually, but for those that have the physical ability, you keep giving them the opportunity to play and grow and learn and when it all kicks in and you have that physicality it can come really quick. He’s still developing, and sometimes you just have to wait on it.


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