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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Breaking down the Granderson deal

After a little bit of negotiating, the Yankees, Diamondbacks and Tigers pulled off a three-team trade yesterday that accomplished the following:

Yankees get:
Curtis Granderson (from DET)
Diamondbacks get:
Edwin Jackson (from DET)
Ian Kennedy (from NYY)
Tigers get:
Phil Coke (from NYY)
Austin Jackson (from NYY)
Max Scherzer (from ARI)
Daniel Schlereth (from ARI)

Looking at it with a little time to breathe, I think that the winners for now are the Yankees. A few years down the road, however, the Tigers could be the ones who come out smelling like roses.

Obviously, Granderson is an upgrade to the last year's combination of Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner in center fielder. He offers more power (especially considering he's a powerful, pull-happy left-handed hitter in the new Yankee Stadium), excellent defense and explosive speed. Basically, if you take the best qualities from both Gardner and Cabrera, you get Granderson.

Despite losing Granderson, it seems that Detroit pulled in quite a haul. Scherzer and Jackson are both top-notch prospects. Jackson has the potential to be an everyday big league center fielder, albeit with considerably less power than Granderson, or even Cameron Maybin, the stud center field prospect whom the Tigers dealt in 2008 to get Miguel Cabrera from Florida.

Additionally, Scherzer has ace potential, but there are questions about his delivery. Although his won-loss record was an unimpressive 9-11 last season, his 174 strikeouts in 170 1/3 innings (9.2 K/9) and 111+ both point to big things in the 24-year-old's future.


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