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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Manny Banuelos aftermath

Sure, Manny Banuelos gave up six runs over 5 2/3 innings, including two laser beams of home runs, but the stuff he showed was more important last night. Watch the video of him pitching against Darin Mastroianni, and look at Mastroianni's reaction to the curveballs Banuelos flings up there for strikes two and three. Those are big league pitches, folks.

Then, skip down a video and check out how he carves up Eric Thames, one of the circuit's most feared sluggers. He gets down in the count, then finishes him with a heater on the black. This is a 19-year-old, folks.

Afterward, here's what Tony Franklin had to say about his new arm:

“You can see the stuff, it’s there. Great changeup, no question about it. Great motion on it. Curveball was tight. It lost a little bit because of the wetness. But you could see the stuff is there.”

As for Banuelos, he gave the reporters in the room a little bit of shock when he said his arm didn't feel right, but clarified by saying the wing felt heavy, not painful. He said all this through coach Vic Valencia acting as interpreter.

“I didn’t feel that well with my body and my arm today. Also, the mound was wet and the ball was wet, so I couldn’t command my pitches well.”

“I didn’t have any pain in my arm, I didn’t feel any pain. It just felt heavy. That’s probably why the velocity was what I normally throw. But I kept pitching.”

Tonight, the show starts anew with Dellin Betances scheduled to debut. The forecast, once again, is for rain, so it could get interesting. Alfredo Aceves, also, will relieve for two innings, so be on the lookout for that.

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