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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Post: MLB investigating Nova, De La Rosa for B-12 injections

Ivan Nova and Wilkin De La Rosa are under investigation by the MLB for injecting each other with shots of B-12, which is not a substance on the league's banned list. The very act of injecting yourself or someone else, if you are not a licensed physician, however, is prohibited.

The MLB is looking into the case to see if either was being injected with something other than B-12, like HGH or other injectable performance-enhancers.

Of course, everybody is innocent until proven guilty, so I reserve my judgment until I get a chance to hear their side of the story. Nova's in the big leagues, so that will be difficult. I do, however, plan to drive up to Harrisburg tomorrow to speak to De La Rosa, so that could be interesting.

Stay tuned.

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