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Monday, November 8, 2010

So you like Top 10 lists? We've got your Top 10 lists right here.

Even the Thunder won't play another game until April 7, and won't play a home game until eight days after that, there's no reason why this blog has to stay silent until then -- and it won't. Starting today, I'm unrolling a series of five Top 10 lists, one for every day of the work week, that will take us through the middle of January, when the minor league scenario should be a lot clearer. Here's the rundown of what will happen.

Monday: Top 10 Games of the Year

Tuesday: Top 10 Players of the Year

Wednesday: Top 10 Players for 2011

Thursday: Top 10 Opposing Players to Watch in 2011

Friday: Top 10 Numbers from 2010

So if you like lists, like minor league baseball and like this blog, you have plenty to look for over the coming 10 weeks. And I'm sure this goes without saying, but if somebody gets traded or somebody signs, it will be on the blog. Enjoy.

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