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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A little more from Brian Cashman

After the success of yesterday's interview with Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, I figured I might as well type up the last three questions I asked. They pertain to the team's recent delving into Mexico's talent pool, as well as what the organization looks for in a scout.

JN: In recent years, you’ve seen four Mexicans, Ramiro Pena, Jorge Vazquez, Alfredo Aceves and Manny Banuelos, each contribute at either the big league level or at the upper levels of the minors. Is Mexico a new frontier for the organization, scouting-wise?

BC: (Mexico’s become a priority) in the last six years or so. … We hired Lee Sigman (the Yankees scout in Mexico), and since we hired Lee we’ve had a lot of success. Again, it’s all because of hard work and having quality scouts.

JN: When you guys look at a scout, what qualities do you look for? How do you go about hiring a scout?

BC: Obviously, guys have a reputation and guys have a history. We have a process for evaluating scouts like that, and we teach how we scout here. If we hire a scout from another club, we’re not hiring them to give us opinions willy nilly, we’re hiring them to take their abilities and put them in the context we want it put.

That’s a long answer to give about what makes a quality scout, but basically, like anything else, it’s a people business. You get a chance to get to know people, you get a chance to talk baseball, and the longer you talk and the more you talk, you can tell who’s full of shit and you can tell who knows what they’re talking about.

JN: So is it fair to say there’s a Yankees way of scouting, and then there’s a Blue Jays and Red Sox way of scouting?

BC: I think that the scouting has to reflect the philosophies from the front office. The players we gravitate to as a baseball operation are definitely different than certain organizations but very similar to others.

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