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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Work Group List 2: "Trenton"

Before the list, a preamble: Despite being named "Scranton," "Trenton," "Tampa," and "Charleston," these work groups have absolutely no bearing on which players will be assigned to which teams come April. They are simply the groups into which the Yankees have sorted the players for the day's work down at the complex. The lists change often.

What the list is good for is keeping track of all the players. I got it sent to me so I could take a better shot at predicting the Thunder roster.

With that in mind, here's the list from today:

Manny Barreda
Brandon Braboy
Gavin Brooks
Preston Claiborne
Cory Cowsert
Steve Evarts
Shaeffer Hall
George Isabel
Diego Moreno
Jairo Heredia
Scottie Allen
Noel Castillo
Mariel Checo
Francisco Gil
Pedro Guerra
Daniel Martinez
Josh Romanski
Zach Varce
Ronny Marte

Mitch Abeita
Jeff Farnham
Damian Taveras

Rob Lyerly
Walter Ibarra
Garrison Lassiter
Ronnier Mustelier
Jose Pirela
Jose Rosario

Abe Almonte
Shane Brown
Exicardo Cayones
Cody Johnson
Preston Mattingly
Neil Medchill


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