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Friday, July 17, 2009

So Zach McAllister has a tired arm ...

Thunder ace Zach McAllister was placed on the 7-day disabled list yesterday with what the team is terming a "tired arm." He could miss a week, or a he could miss the season; that's just how hit-or-miss this kind of injury can be. It really all depends on the results of the MRI he's undergoing today.

McAllister is certainly not the first pitcher to hit the shelf with this type of injury. To prove it, here's a very short list of pitchers I found over the last three seasons who've had tired arms, and what happened when they came back from the DL.

2007 -- Kenny Rogers diagnosed with tired arm on March 29, goes on DL and doesn't make his debut until late June. He went 3-4 with a 4.43 ERA the rest of the way.

2007 -- Nate Robertson missed 21 days with a TA, went 5-7 over the remainder of the season.

2008 -- Carlos Zambrano diagnosed with TA in late August, misses one start. Next start is a no-hitter.

2009 -- Daisuke Matsuzaka has missed nearly a month with a TA, possibly due to overuse in the World Baseball Classic. He had an 8.23 ERA and a 2.20 WHIP before going on the disabled list.

It seems the history of pitchers with tired arms is really a mixed bag. I'm sure McAllister hopes his experience is more like Zambrano's in 2008.


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