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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Game 74: New Hampshire at Trenton


New Hampshire
Darin Mastroianni - CF
Manny Mayorson - 3B
Eric Thames - LF
Shawn Bowman - DH
Adam Loewen - RF
Jonathan Jaspe - 1B
Matt Liuzza - C
Jonathan Diaz - SS
Callix Crabbe - 2B
Adrian Martin - RHP (4-1, 2.86)

Dan Brewer - LF
Austin Krum - CF
Austin Romine -DH
Brandon Laird - 3B
Matt Cusick - 2B
Jose Gil - C
Marcos Vechionacci - 1B
Luis Nunez - SS
Justin Snyder -RF
Lance Pendleton - RHP (6-3, 3.72)

Pregame Notes: If you've noticed Romine has been DHing a lot more after night games, instead of the regular day off, you've got a good eye. Franklin said before the game that it's by design, not because of any injury. He did, however, admit that he is taking a risk when he does that because, if Gil gets injured and Romine was forced into duty behind the dish, then they'd have to bat the pitcher.


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