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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 10 words from last season - No. 9

A disco ball much less fancy than this one hung in the Thunder's clubhouse early last season

Today's word is: Disco

What it means: In the early going, the Thunder looked very much like a playoff team. They had stellar starting pitching, a good corps of relievers, and a few hitters starting to show their potential. What they also had was a disco ball.

For as long as I've been covering the team there's been one constant after a Thunder win: James Brown. After the victorious players get back to the clubhouse, someone (presumably clubhouse manager Tonto) presses play on a CD player/boombox perched next to the TV in the back left corner of the room. The victory mix CD's content has varied over the years -- sometimes Miley Cyrus, sometimes Nelly, sometimes mind-gnashing techno, sometimes Lil' Bow Wow -- but the disc has always led off with The Godfather's "Sex Machine"

For a spell early this year, though, someone added a wrinkle to the Thunder's post-win mix.

After one of the team's wins, the media entered the clubhouse to find the lots off, some glow sticks blaring and a disco ball hanging from a panel in the ceiling. It was what a rave looked like on a Double-A budget.

That tradition kept up for a while, and it was hilarious. Eventually, though, the wins slowed, and the disco ball was removed. But for those few weeks, Studio 54 had nothing on the bowels of Waterfront Park. 


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