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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Postgame Recap - May 11

Final score: Portland 4, Trenton 2

Synopsis: Graham Stoneburner re-aggravated a previous injury to his right groin muscle, and the Thunder bullpen couldn't hold the fort in his absence. Ryan Pope allowed all four runs in the fifth inning, and that was all she wrote. 

Bright spots: Jose Gil hit a two-run homer, Cody Johnson collected two hits, Jose Toussen got his first Double-A hit (a double) and Kevin Mahoney singled on his 25th birthday. 

Here's what Stoneburner had to say after the game: 

“It’s extremely frustrating. This year, I’ve been feeling really good.  I thought the groin issue was in the past, and tonight it was feeling really good.  It’s just really frustrating now for it to come back.”

“This time, I tried to pitch through (the injury), that’s the only difference. I couldn’t make it happen.  As I push off to the mound, and try to put effort into a pitch, it kind of grabs and tightens up.  It gives me some tightness in the groin area.  It’s almost to where I don’t want to get full flexibility out of it.”

Manager Tony Franklin was also frustrated for his pitcher.

“I know the reason they’re here is to pitch and to play, and that’s the enjoyment they get out of this game.  When they can’t do it, it’s a bad feeling.  These guys are miserable when they can’t compete.  Stoneburner was hurt earlier in the year, and his season was cut short last year and he was miserable.  This is what they’ve done the majority of their lives, and when they can’t do that, it takes its toll.  It’s probably driving (Stoneburner) nuts.”

Picks to click: Here's my game story from Friday night. 

Flicks to click: Here are three videos from Friday, including the batter during which Stoneburner sustained his latest injury.


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