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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Odds and Ends on an Off Day

Is Omar Minaya insane? According to's Jon Heyman (but also contradicted by ESPN's Keith Law) the Mets rejected a request of Fernando Martinez, Bobby Parnell, Jonathon Niese and Ruben Tejada for Roy Halladay.

If true, this is pure, uncut, Colombian crazybeans. Even if it doesn't get them back into contention this season, Roy Halladay and Johan Santana next season, even if grouped with three hoboes hanging outside Citi Field, means no more Phillies atop the NL East. It also gives the Mets their best chance at a world title since 2000.

Sure, they purposely kept Martinez out of the Santana deal, but Roy Halladay, frankly, is better than Johan Santana. The above package is light compared to what the Jays have been rumored to be asking for from the Phils, Yanks, Red Sox, et. al.

Sorry to be a stick in the mud, but ... I am 100% against Notre Dame and Army playing a football game at Yankee Stadium. I've always hated the idea of other sports being held at baseball stadiums. I don't like this, I don't like the winter classic, I don't like boxing matches being held there, either. It's a baseball stadium, darnit, keep it to baseball only. The only way it's OK is if neither team makes a dime off the game. Yankees, or in the case of the Winter Classic, the Red Sox, keep 100 percent of the gate, concessions, plus a fee from each school for the right to host a game there.

I am a jinx: So, I write this after the Thunder top Portland on Sunday. What do you suppose happens the next day? Three blown saves in one game, that's what.


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