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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wow, if you thought the real Mets were bad ...

Stumblin and rumblin: Check this out. Apparently the Mets VP of Player Operations, Tony Bernazard, removed his shirt and confronted the Binghamton Mets, calling infielder Jose Coronado something that rhymes with wussy.

Here's the New York Daily News story. If this is true, and there's really no reason to believe it's not at this point, then Bernazard should have been fired the moment it got to Omar Minaya and the Wilpons. Anything else simply condones this behavior.

Trade deadline approaches: Adam LaRoche of the Pirates was dealt today, joining Nate McLouth and what are sure to be many others on the list of this season's Bucs' Castaways. Rumor says he was dealt to the Giants, but no confirmation has been made. If true, I'm curious to see what the Giants gave up.

Edit: He was dealt to the Red Sox, according to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer Devan Kovacevic.

Update for The Trentonian's Thunder coverage: I have given in and am now on Twitter at jnorris427. That will be the new place, as well as this blog, to get updates on the Trenton Thunder.


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