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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Strasburg signs

Well, Nationals fan, you can exhale.

The mythical Stephen Strasburg has signed and will probably make his debut in some sort of winter league (Arizona is the likely destination). His $15.67 million contract fell way short of the $50 million figure bandied about before the draft but set a new record for first-round signees.

With his triple-digit fastball, Strasburg brings with him hope for a team sincerely in need. His mere presence will boost attendance -- at least for a short while. Couple him with Ross Detwiler and (eventually) Jordan Zimmermann, and he may bring something far more important to the nation's capital: stability.

Every first-round pick except Texas' Matthew Purke and Tampa Bay's Levon Washington signed with their club. Aaron Crow did not sign with the Royals, the second team in as many seasons to draft him round one, but he has until a week before next season's draft to agree.


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