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Friday, March 25, 2011

Introducing, the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy League competitors

I asked the six members of my minor league fantasy league to send me short bios and a team name, and they each responded. Personally, I find it pretty astounding that a half a dozen people who have never met each other, and who haven't met me, would volunteer to play together in fantasy league involving only Yankees minor leaguers. That said, here are the six competitors who will duke it out until June.

Derek Jeter and the Fist Pumps

My name is Fabian McNally, and I grew up in the Bronx, NY. Like any reasonable resident of the Bronx, I developed a passion for Yankee baseball. This passion would eventually turn to an obsession that could only be satisfied by devouring any and all information on the Yankee minor league system. While I blogged for a few years (Replacement Level Yankees Weblog) I have since gone into retirement.


My name is Antonio Russo, but you can call me Tony. I am 44 years old. I have lived in Jacksonville Florida since 1981. I moved from Brooklyn, N.Y. when I was 13. My favorite Yankee of all-time is Derek Jeter.

When In Romine

Rich is a college student from Central New Jersey. He has been a Yankee fan since he was 7 years old, and he has been following the Yankees' minor league system since the Johan Santana non-trade in December, 2007. His favorite players have always been Mariano Rivera and Mike Mussina, though Robinson Cano is doing his best to someday join them on that list. You can follow Rich on Twitter at @richardiurilli.

Noesi Me Now

I'm a sophomore at Columbia University and a lifelong Yankees fan from Hopewell, New Jersey. I've been going to Trenton Thunder games since Tony Clark patrolled the infield and I've always had an interest in minor league baseball and the progression of prospects, which explains me joining this league. I'm in the sports department at our student radio station, which gives me an excuse for watching sports way more than I should. My favorite Yankee always has been and will be Mariano Rivera, watching him dominate at the same level despite all of the factors working against him is a gift.

Jesus, Mo, and Joe ManBan

A 2008 graduate of Syracuse University, Rebecca works for a small (sort of) sports media company in Connecticut. She's been a Yankee fan since the age of 10 (some dude named Jeffrey Maier helped with a well-timed catch), and her prospect crushes include Jesus Montero, Gary Sanchez, Manny Banuelos and Pat Venditte. She's never won a fantasy league, but hopes this year is THE year for team Jesus, Mo and Joe ManBan.

Brien Taylor's Left Hook

My name is Pat Malone. I am a lifeong Yankee fan and living at the Jersey shore. I spend a lot of my free time in the summer coaching my two sons' Little League teams and going to minor league games. (Thunder and Blueclaws).

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