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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet Jose Fernandez - aka Mr. Electric

I was lucky enough on Tuesday to have my one of my off days line up with Jose Fernandez pitching in Lakewood. Fernandez, for the uninitiated, is who the Marlins popped last year with the 14th overall pick in the draft. 

I met his parents before the game, and they told me about the nickname "Mr. Electric." Boy, did he live up to it. After thinking about it for a while, I'm fairly sure Fernandez's outing on Tuesday was the best I've seen, stuffwise, in five years of watching the minors. 

He hit as high as 97 miles per hour with his fastball and displayed a truly knockout breaking ball that he could either throw for strikes or bury for a strikeout. Don't believe me? Look at the videos below, particularly the witchcraft he threw at Maikel Franco and Brian Pointer. 

I'm not a scout, and I don't play one on the radio, but even I could see on Tuesday that Fernandez is beyond special. 

Check him out below: 


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