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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Newman on the Pettitte possibility: "Not as of now"

I texted Mark Newman, the Yankees head of player development, this morning about the status of Andy Pettitte following Sunday's start in Tampa. There are signs pointing that he would make his next start with Trenton, on April 20, if everything went well. 

In the text, I asked Newman the following: 

"If everything goes well on Sunday, is it fair to assume that Pettitte's next start will be in Trenton on April 20?"

His response, this evening: 

"Not as of now."

So while that's not an outright "no," it does throw cold water on Thunder fans hoping to see Pettitte against Harrisburg next week. 

Still, it bears repeating: 

- The Thunder are playing with their roster a man down, and getting Pettitte on their roster would require a space. 

- Trenton and Charleston are the only affiliates home on that Friday. Scranton is playing Norfolk in Batavia, and Tampa will be at Daytona Beach. Extended spring training is a possibility, although bumping that far down wouldn't make a whole lot of sense, I think. 

That said, Pettitte's first start for Tampa was at Clearwater, so the Yankees clearly don't have a problem starting him in enemy territory, although Daytona Beach is a far bigger hike from Tampa than is Clearwater. 


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