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Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Summer Vacation

Monday will mark the beginning of my 10-day vacation. Instead of going someplace exotic, however, I'll be staying within the region and doing what I love to do most: watching baseball. 

The itinerary isn't quite final, but here's how I see it playing out from July 9-18. 

July 9 - Trenton vs. Portland, then Staten Island vs. Williamsport
July 10 - Either Lakewood vs. Hickory or the E.L. Hitting Challenge, at Reading
July 11 - Lakewood vs. Hickory, then the E.L. All-Star Game in Reading
July 12 - Lakewood vs. Hickory
July 13 - Bowie vs. Reading
July 14 - Baltimore vs. Detroit at Camden Yards
July 15 - In Baltimore, no game (I know, slacker, right?)
July 16 - Lakewood vs. Savannah
July 17 - Lakewood vs. Savannah AND either Staten Island vs. Aberdeen OR Brooklyn vs. H.V.
July 18 - Staten Island vs. Aberdeen

All told, that's a possible 12 games in 10 days at six sites throughout the region. Sounds like a pretty damn fun time to me. 


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