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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 4 - Thunder vs Blue Jays

Good morning.

The Thunder are staying home today to play the Blue Jays' Double-A kids. So far, I've seen Graham Stoneburner and Brett Marshall pitch, and Shaeffer Hall took his turn in the Triple-A game on Monday in Clearwater so Phil Hughes could get his reps in back at the complex.

That means it's probably time for Craig Heyer to start. Sean Black, another dark-horse candidate, I thought, for the Thunder rotation, threw an inning in one of the intrasquad games yesterday, which probably means he's out of the mix. Steve Evarts also threw an inning yesterday (in relief of Black, as it happened), so he's unlikely to be a starter this year, I'd think. It also doesn't help that he drew a 50-game suspension toward the end of last year. 

Ivan Nova is supposed to be coming over to the complex to pitch, and Nick Swisher sounds like he'll return to take some more at-bats and generally bounce around the joint like the happy, half-man, half-Red Bull sort of creature he is. 

It occurred to me late last night that, in my end-of-day post, I forgot to link my articles. I've done so over there, but if you don't feel like scrolling backward on the ol' blog, then I'll do so here, too. 

I wrote about Graham Stoneburner's neck finally feeling pain-free. 

I also wrote about Nick Swisher taking hacks against Manny Banuelos and Brett Marshall. 

Additionally, I'm a terrible photographer. However, I got a few really good (for me) shots of Nick Swisher yesterday, so I'm going to share them with you: The last two are him during his home-run swing, and running around the bases after said home run.


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